Thursday, 25 September 2014

I have a confession

I love my American chain Aeropostale hoodie much more than my local Vancouverite favorite TNA hoodie despite the latter being five times the price of the former. What can I say: The cut fits me better. It's just the right amount of warmth I want a hoodie to give. The fabric is soft yet can withstanding repeatedly going through the washing machine. The lettering has flattering placement. There isn't a single criticism I can think of against my Aeropostale hoodie! Affordable, comfortable, easy to find with plenty of selection. Aeropostale always.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Seperated by the sea

Currently on a hiatus from the norm. Hey, I have a lifestyle to upkeep! In the meantime, I bring you this:
H2O+ Sea Pure Replenishing Body Cream. Smells like the seawall. It's an oddly familiar raw scent of the water and the rocks. For any Vancouverites who've gone abroad and are missing home, grab a bottle and sniff your homesickness away. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A sucker for plush towels

Was at the Bay and on a lark bought a Hotel Collection microcotton bath towel
in a distinguished Aegean sea green tone for $18.99 on sale. Turns out these luxurious towels are on Oprah's favorite things of 2012. 

However, this still reigns as my absolute fav: 
Restoration Hardware's Turkish bath towel in Thyme right now on sale for $22.

The two are similar in price but very different in feel depending on personal preference. Both luxurious options worth pursuing.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Finding Zen

I'm a self-professed packrat. If a thing has a use, even if it's a far in the future use, it gets tucked away. Unfortunately, I happen to live in a teeny tiny apartment. I now understand the concept beauty of the empty space.  

There is a quiet calm in nothingness.  
Bath & Body Works - Rain Kissed Leaves. I don't recall which place I received a travel set of this scent as compliments of a hotel amenity.